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a muted summer landscape #1


Handmade Music's end-of-season concert presents new music and visuals by muted summer landscape + Múlú + QUBe on Thursday, 6th June 2024, at Accidental Theatre in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Dissonant Dynamics presents a concert of new music and visuals by muted summer landscape on Friday, 9th February 2024, at the Space Theatre in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


muted summer landscape are excited to be supporting Magnetic String Resonance with Ligeti Quartet and Snowpoet at Daylight Music, Union Chapel, London, on Saturday 29th June 2019, from 12:00-14:00. 

ISAN + muted summer landscape + Spireview perform on Friday 10th February 2017, at the Space Theatre, Bangor, Northern Ireland.
music - visuals
music - visuals

Accidental Theatre, Belfast.

06th June 2024

Handmade Music presents:

muted summer landscape + Múlú + QUBe.

Space Theatre, Bangor.

09th February 2024

Dissonant Dynamics presents a concert of new music/visuals by muted summer landscape + Xenia Pestova Bennett.

29th June 2019

Daylight Music: Magnetic String Resonance with Ligeti Quartet + Snowpoet + muted summer landscape.

10th February 2017

ISAN + muted summer landscape + Spireview.

“A seductive visual/amniotic experience” Belfast Telegraph.
muted summer landscape embodies the collaborative creativity of electronic music and visual producers, Brian Robinson, and Steve Lee. Together, they craft captivating electronic portraits that draw inspiration from the world around them. Influenced by the nuances of natural environments, they skilfully manipulate a diverse range of source materials, including audio/visual field recordings, images, melodies, and rhythms. The result is a fusion of patterns and textures, giving rise to immersive narratives that purposefully evoke emotions and ignite the imagination.
a muted summer landscape #2
contact & bookings
contact & booking

for bookings and all other enquiries, please use the contact form:

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